Garments Merchandising in Bangladesh

Garments Merchandising in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is well-known for its vibrant manufacturing of garments, which has significantly contributed to the nation’s economic growth. One of the key tasks in the world of garments is the role of merchandisers. The article below will examine what merchandising for garments is, the different types of merchandising available, the average earnings of a merchandiser in the textile industry as well as the essential aspects and the principles behind selling.

What is merchandising in the garment industry?

The term “merchandising” in the clothing industry is the process of taking a piece of clothing from the initial concept stage to the point of delivery to the client. The process involves planning to coordinate and carry out all the essential tasks required to make a product that will meet the needs of the buyer in terms of cost, quality, and delivery times.

How many types of garments merchandising are there?

There are two kinds of garment merchandising: preproduction marketing and post-production merchandising. Pre-production merchandising refers to the procedure that begins from the buyer’s order confirmation through the stage of production. Post-production merchandising commences with the production stage and ends with the delivery time to the purchaser.

How much does a textile merchandiser earn in Bangladesh?

The median salary for textile merchandisers in Bangladesh depends on their work experience, experience, and position. An entry-level merchandiser in Bangladesh is able to earn anywhere from BDT 15,000-20,000 per month. A senior merchandiser could earn as high as BDT 60,000 to 70k per month.

What are the 5 merchandising activities?

The five most important merchandising actions are as the following:

1. Design and development of products
2. Procurement and sourcing of materials
3. Costing and analysis of pricing
4. Management and planning of production
5. Quality Control and assurance

What are the 5 fundamentals of merchandising?

The five basic principles of the merchandising process are:

1. Understanding the needs of the customer and preferences
2. Communication with buyers as well as the production team.
3. The timely execution of every stage of production
4. Production processes that are efficient and cost-effective.
5. Maintaining high standards throughout the entire production process.

In the end, merchandising for garments is an essential part of the world of garments which requires a high level of coordination, planning, and execution to satisfy customer demands. By understanding the various kinds of merchandising available, the profits of textile merchandisers, and the basic activities and philosophies of merchandising people can build a successful career in the industry of clothing.

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