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How We Make Sourcing Easy

We support fashion and lifestyle brands, retailers, and wholesalers through fashion product sourcing, brand development, contract manufacturing, purchasing, design, quality control, and logistics. Fashionid is a fashion agency with an international reach to support businesses like yours. We are a fashion agency that provides startups and established companies with the resources they need to manage and grow their businesses. Controlling quality, efficiency, and results makes it easy to work throughout the journey.

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What We Offer


At FashionID, we specialize in garment product sourcing, and we are here to help you streamline and optimize your sourcing process. With our expertise and industry connections, we can assist you in finding the perfect garments for your brand or project. With FashionID by your side, you can confidently navigate the complex world of garment sourcing and achieve success in your fashion endeavors.


With over 15 years of apparel manufacturing, strategic planning, proven methods, consistent communication, and a hands-on approach ensure seamless development from start to finish. Our merchandising team specializes in all categories of boys', men's, and women's clothing, including denim, shirts, jackets, t-shirts, cotton trousers, and men's and girls' underwear.

Contract Manufacturing

Based on your style and preferred order quantity, source fabrics, organize fabric dyeing & merchandising. Providing you with superb quality control to keep a close eye on contract manufacturing ensuring that all of the client’s requirements are met.

Quality Control

We have a strict QC team; they are well equipped, monitor from purchasing to finishing and packing, and follow all the special protocols the customer provides if any.


Fashionid offers full packaging support, including label inventory storage, packaging, and warehousing. We can provide customers with an integrated package solution. We can follow all packing instructions to ensure the goods reach you according to your needs.


We choose the appropriate shipping method for international shipping to ensure your product arrives on time and at a reasonable cost. The decision to ship by land, sea, or air is made after carefully assessing your business needs.

Worldwide Shipping

From Bangladesh to different parts of the world

Our Responsibilities

Transparency & Sustainability

We are committed to working in a sustainable, fair, and transparent way where our customers are encouraged to come on-site and experience the difference in how we work.

Expertise, Quality & Reliability

By sharing our knowledge, experience, and communication skills in production, we can help our customers achieve the highest quality standards. We are committed to working only with partners and clients who share our values ​​and goals.

Design Innovation

We meet the needs of our customers by implementing innovative ideas from design to construction. The invention is understood and used in different ways. Design plays many roles in the innovation process.

Safe & Healthy Workspaces

We protect our employees by providing a safe and healthy work environment. Know the rules and regulations of the work and create a system for working in the health and safety field.

Exceeding Expectation

We enable our clients to achieve their goals of becoming market and industry leaders. Exceeding expectations means doing more and exceeding a minimum level of performance or established standards.

Mutual Growth & Flexibility

Our customers' growth is ours, so we are committed to thinking and acting as true partners to achieve mutual benefits. We are happy to take on smaller projects that will grow with us!

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