Bangladesh apparel export

Bangladesh apparel export

Bangladesh has emerge as a chief player within the international clothing industry, with its exports accomplishing new heights every yr. In truth, Bangladesh’s apparel sector is now the second-largest exporter inside the global after China. With such mind-blowing increase, it’s no surprise that many are predicting that by 2023, Bangladesh can be exporting even greater apparel than ever earlier than. But how has this small South Asian usa managed to gain such fulfillment? And what challenges and possibilities does the future preserve for its apparel export enterprise? In this weblog submit, we’ll take a better examine these questions and explore what lies beforehand for Bangladesh’s booming clothing region.

Overview of the Bangladesh Apparel Export Industry

The Bangladesh garb export industry has come a long way due to the fact that its inception. The usa’s low exertions expenses and big personnel have made it an attractive area for global style manufacturers to outsource their production. According to records from the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), the country exported $34 billion really worth of garments in 2020, accounting for over 84% of the country’s overall exports.

The enterprise employs around 4 million people, maximum of whom are ladies. Many of these people come from rural regions, in which process possibilities are scarce. Thus, the apparel zone performs a important role in boosting financial growth and lowering poverty in Bangladesh.

While to begin with centered on producing simple clothing items which includes t-shirts and trousers, the Bangladeshi garment manufacturers have accelerated their offerings to include extra complex merchandise like fits, formal wear and underwear.

Despite dealing with demanding situations like bad operating situations and occasional wages for employees at a few factories, which gained worldwide attention after Rana Plaza disintegrate that killed over 1k employees in April’13 , Bangladesh’s apparel export enterprise keeps to develop at an outstanding fee thanks to its sturdy deliver chain infrastructure coupled with government support policies aimed at encouraging foreign investment into this region.

The Top five Export Destinations for Bangladesh Apparel

The Bangladesh garb industry has been developing unexpectedly in current years, and a extensive part of its success can be attributed to the u . S . A .’s pinnacle export destinations. Here are the top 5 international locations that import Bangladeshi clothes:

1) United States: The US is the most important marketplace for Bangladesh’s garment exports, accounting for around 26% of total exports. American purchasers respect the less costly fees and super merchandise that Bangladesh gives.

2) Germany: Germany is any other principal destination for Bangladeshi apparel, with a proportion of around thirteen%. German customers value each price and nice in terms of their apparel purchases.

3) United Kingdom: The UK accounts for about 11% of Bangladesh’s garb exports. British outlets have long favored the affordability and variety provided by way of providers in this South Asian country.

4) Spain: Spain imports almost 7% of all Bangladeshi garment shipments, thank you largely to its preference for versatile cotton-primarily based fabrics that are easy to put on 12 months-round.

5) France: Rounding out our listing is France, which takes approximately 6% of total exports from Bangladesh. French clients respect conventional patterns made from herbal fibers which includes linen or silk in muted colorings.

These five countries remain important markets for Bangladeshi apparel exporters, providing constant call for even all through turbulent global financial times.

The Top 5 Products Exported by means of Bangladesh Apparel

Bangladesh has made a substantial mark within the worldwide apparel industry, with numerous merchandise leading the manner. These top 5 merchandise have helped set up Bangladesh as a powerhouse in clothing exports:

1. T-shirts and Polo Shirts

T-shirts and polo shirts are undeniably popular across the globe. Their versatility lets in them to be worn by using human beings of every age, making them one of the maximum sought-after items from Bangladesh.

2. Denim Garments

Denim clothes which include jeans, jackets, and skirts are any other most important export from Bangladesh. The u . S . A . Has quickly become a key player in denim manufacturing because of its professional team of workers and cost-powerful manufacturing tactics.

3. Knitwear

Knitwear is an crucial part of many wardrobes global, especially at some stage in colder seasons. Bangladeshi producers produce notable knitwear such as sweaters, cardigans, and scarves that cater to various tastes across the world.

4. Active Wear & Sportswear

As fitness awareness keeps to upward push globally, there is been an elevated demand for activewear and sports clothing products like leggings or performance shorts produced by using Bangladeshi factories at aggressive charges.

5. Children’s Clothing

The kid’s garb section is any other beneficial market within the garb enterprise where Bangladesh excels; presenting elegant but less expensive alternatives for young purchasers around the world.

These product categories exhibit each diversity and information determined within Bangladesh’s booming clothing export area – contributing appreciably in the direction of its ongoing success on an global scale.

How the Bangladesh Apparel Export Industry has Grow in Recent Years

The Bangladesh clothing export industry has skilled incredible increase in recent years, making it one among the most important members to the united states’s economic system. According to data from the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), in monetary 12 months 2019-2020, Bangladesh earned $28.14 billion from exports of prepared-made clothes (RMG). This represents an increase of virtually 10% compared to the preceding year.

One principal factor that has contributed to this increase is the supply of low-fee labor. The common wage for a garment employee in Bangladesh is lower than other nations including China and Vietnam. As a end result, many global brands have shifted their sourcing operations here.

Another key driving force is authorities support for the enterprise. In latest years, government have taken steps closer to developing better infrastructure and policies that facilitate exchange and funding. For instance, they’ve invested closely in improving port centers and streamlined customs tactics.

Moreover, Bangladeshi manufacturers have also tailored properly to changing consumer habits by way of imparting extra sustainable merchandise made with eco-friendly substances like recycled polyester or organic cotton.

While there are some challenges beforehand which includes growing competition and ongoing impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on global call for; specialists predict that given favorable economic indicators like strong GDP increase charges along increasing customer consciousness approximately sustainability concerns – we may additionally see persevered constant progress for this critical quarter over coming years!

Challenges Facing the Bangladesh Apparel Export Industry

The Bangladesh Apparel Export Industry has faced various challenges in latest years. One of the biggest demanding situations is the fluctuation in global demand for clothes. This leads to uncertainty and affects producers’ potential to devise their production schedules.

Another undertaking dealing with the enterprise is the rising value of manufacturing, which includes hard work, electricity, and uncooked materials. The wages of factory employees have expanded because of stress from worldwide agencies and nearby NGOs advocating for higher running situations.

Additionally, compliance with protection rules remains a extensive undertaking for garment factories in Bangladesh. Following numerous lethal incidents which includes fires and constructing collapses that resulted in severa deaths, there was increasing scrutiny on safety measures implemented by way of factories.

Competition from different low-cost manufacturing nations together with Vietnam and Cambodia also poses a hazard to Bangladesh’s clothing export industry. These international locations are making an investment heavily in infrastructure development and enhancing their production processes.

Despite these challenges, it is vital to observe that the Bangladeshi authorities has taken steps to address them via initiatives inclusive of presenting tax incentives for investment in green generation and enforcing stricter safety guidelines.

Opportunities for the Bangladesh Apparel Export Industry

The Bangladesh garb export industry has been growing regularly over the last few years, and there are several opportunities for in addition enlargement. One of the largest possibilities lies in diversifying their product offerings past conventional objects like shirts and trousers to more price-brought merchandise like knitwear, sportswear, and outerwear.

Moreover, with a focal point on sustainability turning into more and more essential within the worldwide style enterprise, Bangladesh can leverage its competitive gain in low-value manufacturing to become a hub for sustainable manufacturing practices. This may want to consist of investments in renewable strength assets and decreasing water intake at some point of production.

Another opportunity is exploring new markets beyond the modern top destinations along with Europe and North America. The Middle East, Africa, and Asia gift untapped capability that Bangladesh can take benefit of by means of developing focused marketing strategies aimed at those regions.

Digitalization offers an possibility for Bangladesh’s clothing export enterprise to streamline their procedures the use of era answers which includes automation of supply chain management structures or adopting e-commerce structures to reach new clients at once.

There are numerous possibilities to be had for Bangladesh’s clothing export industry to retain its growth trajectory into 2023.


The Bangladesh apparel export enterprise has skilled huge growth in latest years and is predicted to hold its upward trajectory in the coming years. With a robust attention on sustainability and ethical practices, Bangladesh has placed itself as a key player inside the international apparel market.

To capitalize on this increase capacity, it’ll be essential for stakeholders throughout the enterprise to paintings together to deal with demanding situations together with enhancing infrastructure, diversifying product services, and enhancing hard work requirements. By doing so, they are able to make certain that Bangladesh stays aggressive in an an increasing number of crowded market.

The destiny of Bangladesh’s garb export enterprise appears bright indeed – one which promises each financial prosperity for the nation and exquisite merchandise for consumers round the sector.

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