Clothing Brands in Bangladesh

List of Top Clothing Brands in Bangladesh

You have arrived in Bangladesh, the style mecca of South Asia. Some of the most fashionable and well-known apparel labels in the area are based in this dynamic nation. Clothing brands in Bangladesh fashion labels provide a wide variety of options, from classic ethnic apparel to cutting-edge Western styles. In this piece, we will explore the most prominent Bangladeshi apparel labels currently making waves in the fashion business. Get buckled up, because we’re about to take you on a tour of the most incredible fashion houses in Bangladesh’s Top Clothing Brands and Fashion House List BD 2023 blog article.

Bangladesh’s Most Popular Apparel Labels

Popular in Bangladesh, Aarong is a line of clothes that celebrates the country’s history and culture. Over its 40 years in business, Bangladeshis have come to recognize the name Aarong, which has become synonymous with high-quality handloom textiles and ornate embroidery.

Another well-known retailer that caters to customers of various socioeconomic backgrounds is Grameen UNIQLO. One of the most fruitful business partnerships in Bangladesh’s fashion sector, the brand is a partnership between Grameen Bank and the Japanese retail giant UNIQLO.

Kablewala is a store that sells fashionable clothes for both men and women at affordable costs. The brand’s mission is to supply consumers with fashionable and functional everyday attire.

Those who aren’t afraid to make a fashion statement will like the versatility of the color yellow, which is recognized for its bold patterns and brilliant colors. Everything from everyday clothing to formalwear for special occasions may be found in their collections.

NISHAT Linen takes great delight in manufacturing luxurious fabrics from sustainable materials including cotton, silk, linen, and chiffon. While the focus of this high-end luxury label is on ladies, men may also find some excellent selections to choose from.

Fabrics by Al Karam Grass have sophisticated designs ideal for warm weather thanks to their use of lightweight grass.

For those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic, Gul Ahmed offers new takes on timeless designs drawn from the splendor of nature.

If you’re looking for something that can be worn in a variety of settings, go no further than Origins Ready-to-Wear’s stunning eastern-wear fusion into modern trends.

Sapphire’s exquisite couture designs show off sophistication in the context of current aesthetic sensibilities.

Outfitters is a high-fashion mecca, with its urban vibe and western dress selection.

One of the most well-known brands in Bangladesh, Breakout aims to appeal to young people by projecting an image of vibrancy and youthfulness.


Aarong, established in 1978, is BRAC’s flagship garment label in Bangladesh. Its popularity stems from the fact that it successfully combines traditional and contemporary styles, satisfying the preferences of a wide range of Bangladeshi consumers.

The success of Aarong may be traced back to the company’s dedication to ethical business practices and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. The business supports the well-being of local farmers and craftsmen by working directly with them to produce high-quality goods.

Aarong is well-known for its heirloom-quality textiles, which are made using time-honored methods including embroidery, block printing, and weaving. Many different types of clothes, including sarees, salwar kameez, and men’s kurta-pajamas, are made from these fabrics.

As well as clothing, Aarong also sells a wide variety of home décor products, such as bed coverings, pillows, throws, etc., all of which are crafted from natural fibers acquired from the area.

Aarong has become one of Bangladesh’s most reliable brands thanks to its high-caliber offerings and principled approach to commerce. Its success has inspired other projects with a similar goal of fostering community growth via eco-friendly clothing production.

UNIQLO Grameen

Grameen UNIQLO is a well-liked apparel label in Bangladesh, known for its trendy yet practical offerings for both sexes. This label is the brainchild of microfinance institution Grameen Bank and high-end Japanese clothing store UNIQLO.

Grameen UNIQLO stands apart from the competition in part because of its commitment to environmental responsibility. Organic cotton is only one example of the eco-friendly fabric used in their garments. In addition, they have made several eco-friendly changes to their production procedures.

In the same vein, Grameen UNIQLO stresses accessibility without sacrificing quality. The quality of their items, both in terms of design and longevity, is exceptional for the price.

The brand’s popularity among millennials may be attributed to its hip aesthetic and eye-catching color palette. Their selections include both everyday and special-occasion apparel.

Grameen UNIQLO is a great option for environmentally aware consumers who also care about finding fashionable apparel at a reasonable price.


One of Bangladesh’s most well-known apparel labels is Kablewala. It is well-known for its extensive catalog of goods, which meets the varying demands of its many consumers. It’s easy for individuals from all walks of life to interact with the brand because of its robust online and physical presence.

The label’s catalog features garments suitable for a wide range of occasions and settings, from casual to dressy. Dresses, shirts, jeans, sarees, salwar kameez sets, and more are all available at Kablewala.

Kablewala is distinct from other labels in that it offers fashionable garments at reasonable prices. They think everyone should be able to affordably dress fashionably.

Kablewala’s helpful customer support further simplifies the purchase experience. The staff is usually happy to assist in finding a specific item or offer fashion tips.

Kablewala is one of the most popular apparel companies in Bangladesh because it provides high-quality items at reasonable prices and has excellent online and in-store support for its customers.


In Bangladesh, Yellow is a well-established and widely used apparel label. It is well-liked by twenty-somethings because of its reputation for selling stylish clothing at reasonable costs.

Yellow’s extensive variety of collections for various tastes and events sets it apart from other companies. Yellow offers everything you need, whether you’re shopping for work clothes or weekend apparel.

Their styles are contemporary and one-of-a-kind, with eye-catching details like graphic patterns and vivid hues. Bags, shoes, and jewelry are also available to round off your ensemble.

Yellow’s dedication to eco-friendly style is also noteworthy. They’ve taken steps to decrease wasteful practices, such as using eco-friendly materials in their goods.

If you want to show your support for ethical and environmentally responsible fashion methods without breaking the bank, the color yellow is the way to go.

Linen by NISHAT

NISHAT Linen is a popular label in Bangladesh because of the superior quality of its textiles and fashionable cuts. They have something for everyone, from everyday wear to more dressy occasions.

The label is well-known for its one-of-a-kind fabric patterns and elaborate stitching. Cotton, silk, chiffon, and lawn are just some of the high-quality fabrics they employ.

NISHAT Linen stands out from the competition because of its reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. The variety of prices is attractive in comparison to other high-end Bangladeshi fashion firms.

Sustainable practices are important to NISHAT Linen, thus the company makes its clothing utilizing eco-friendly methods without sacrificing quality. This demonstrates their dedication to issues of social justice and environmental protection.

NISHAT Linen is distinguished from competing fashion labels by its innovative fusion of classic and contemporary styles, reasonable prices, and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Field of Al Karam

Dresses made from high-quality grass fabric are the specialty of the Al Karam grass line, a well-known Bangladeshi fashion label. The brand’s original styles and reasonable costs have made it extremely popular in Bangladesh.

The usage of high-quality grass fabric is one of Al Karam grass’s defining characteristics, and it’s what makes their dresses so ideal for hot weather. The brand’s signature prints include whimsical flower designs that are ideal for warm-weather celebrations.

The label is known for making timeless pieces that seem fresh and current. Al Karam Lawn features a wide variety of clothing options, from basic shalwar kameez outfits to sophisticated dresses. You may get clothing for each event, from everyday wear to formal attire.

This apparel line also offers an incredible array of options, with several collections based on themes like “Festive Collection” and “Vintage Garden,” each of which has its own unique appeal.

Al Karam Lawn is a must-shop if you’re in the market for reasonably priced, on-trend casual wear that won’t break the bank.

Gul Ahmed

The Gul Ahmed label is a household name in both Pakistan and Bangladesh. Among the brand’s many offerings are smart and relaxed clothing for both sexes.

Gul Ahmed’s commitment to using only high-quality materials is one of the company’s distinguishing features. Cotton, silk, and chiffon are just some of the high-quality fabrics that go into their creations.

Gul Ahmed’s creations are equally one-of-a-kind and striking. They combine conventional Pakistani motifs with up-to-date designs, making them appropriate for any event. You may find anything from embroidered grass suits and digital designs to ready-to-wear garments in their collections.

Gul Ahmed’s low prices also contribute to the brand’s widespread appeal in Bangladesh. Their items are of great quality and exquisite design, but they nevertheless manage to keep their costs low.

Gul Ahmed’s continued success in Pakistan and Bangladesh may be attributed to the high quality of its textiles, its stunning patterns, and its reasonable prices.

The Inception of R.O.C.K.

Origins Ready to Wear was founded in 2010 and has since become a leading fashion label in Bangladesh. Since then, it has been supplying the country with stylish and current clothing options for men and women. The brand’s name is synonymous with original styles and high-quality materials.

Origins Ready to Wear is a favorite among fashionistas in Bangladesh for a number of reasons. The label has a large selection of garments, including tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, and even footwear and handbags.

The meticulous craftsmanship of Origins Ready to Wear is another distinguishing feature. Whether it’s the elaborate stitching or the stunning designs, each item they sell stands out from the others.

Style-wise, Origins Ready to Wear is accessible to a wide range of customers. There is a wide variety of styles available, from classic Eastern garments to cutting-edge Western designs.

As a result of their dedication to quality and new approaches to fashion, Origins Ready to Wear has become a household name in Bangladesh.


In Bangladesh, Sapphire is a household name thanks to its fashionable and functional women’s attire. The label is well-known for its one-of-a-kind aesthetic, which fuses contemporary styles with classic details to produce striking clothing.

Sapphire’s collections are notable for the wide variety of colors and designs they include. There is a wide variety of styles and colors available to fit any preference or event.

Sapphire prioritizes not just the aesthetics of their designs but also their durability and reliability. Customers may rest assured that they will receive their money’s worth because all of their clothing is made to last from high-quality fabrics.

Sapphire is a must-see if you’re shopping for trendy, high-quality garments in Bangladesh. This company has risen to the top of the fashion business in the country because of its remarkable product variety and dedication to quality.


Since its founding, Outfitters has been Bangladesh’s go-to fashion label for both men and women looking to stay on trend. Tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, luggage, and much more are all available from the label.

The skill of outfitters lies in their ability to combine modern and classic styles. Their designs are known for their daring prints, eye-popping hues, and flattering silhouettes for a variety of body shapes. They also have a wide variety of denim goods, including jeans and jackets, which are all the rage among today’s youngsters.

Outfitters’ items are of unwaveringly excellent quality without breaking the bank for buyers. It is now easily available to individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds because of its widespread availability in major cities across Bangladesh.

Outfitters has you covered if you need business attire, party clothes, or everything in between. They have everything a customer may want, from timeless staples to the newest fashions.

To sum up, if you value looking well without sacrificing your financial stability, visit an Outfitters store now.


For the latest in men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing brands in Bangladesh in Bangladesh, check out Breakout. The company launched in 2010, and its products have quickly found favor with the youth fashion set.

Breakout’s commitment to providing high-quality goods at reasonable costs sets them apart from the competition. This has made them a popular choice among thrifty consumers who nevertheless value a fashionable appearance.

Customers can expect to see new additions to the brand’s collections on a regular basis as the company strives to stay current with the ever-changing world of fashion. Breakout has garments suitable for both everyday and special events.

Additionally, Breakout cares about the environment and only uses recyclable materials in its manufacturing. This not only protects the safety of their products for buyers but also helps lessen their carbon impact.

If you’re seeking a sustainable clothing brand that still offers trendy pieces at a reasonable price, Breakout is a fantastic choice.


These leading Bangladeshi fashion labels have dominated the market with their innovative styles and high-quality offerings for some time. They have something for everyone, from classic to cutting-edge styles.

Debonair is another top-tier company that deserves recognition here. It’s a well-known label for both business and leisure attire for men. They sell men’s clothing such as suits, shirts, and jeans. The label has found success among today’s young working professionals who value comfort without sacrificing style.

The fashion business in Bangladesh has flourished in recent years, with new labels appearing regularly. The future is bright for Bangladeshi clothing labels because of the wide variety of styles they provide at reasonable prices. Check out these incredible domestic labels the next time you’re out shopping or in search of a wardrobe refresh!